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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A New Play!

Welcome to the blog for "(Here comes...) the English Department!" a new absurd comedy stageplay written by Wayne Brett, in English, with just a little Hungarian, a couple of utterances in French and one German word.

Set in Budapest in 2005, a year after Hungary joined the EU, we follow a group of three Brits who've all moved to the country for their own individual reasons.

The locals are welcoming, curious about the oddities and motives of the outsiders while proudly offering up their own angle on how it all is.

Deception, confusion and at some times euphoria ensue, especially when the missing gravy is found. Does anyone really know where they are going in this life? Look out for some tips from the top.

"(Here comes...) the English Department!" is due to world premiere at Műszi (  near Blaha Lújza tér in Budapest, later in February 2013. Details still to be finalised. Watch this space for the latest information!


  1. Good luck Wayne, It sounds quirky and I imagine absurdist in the best sense. Best wishes and break many legs...... Jeremy

    1. Thank you Jeremy! More info trickling up on this site in the build up. All the best to you too. W