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Monday, 4 March 2013

Following on from our premiere...

Following on from our very successful sell-out premiere we will have two shows this week on Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th of March!

Tickets available online at:
1450ft advance or 1950ft at the door. Don't delay we sold out last time!

And to introduce the rest of our wonderful cast who haven't already been mentioned:

Nourrdine Hajhouj [Rob]
hails from Morocco and has been in Hungary for almost four years. He is a financial auditor and trainer in one of the biggest multinationals in Budapest. It's not numbers, though, but acting that claims his passion. He's no stranger to the stage having performed in many plays and stand-up comedy shows. Nour started speaking in public when he was 9 years old and hasn't stopped.

Owen Good [Neil]
moved to Budapest in 2011 in the aftermath of studying Hungarian and linguistics at university. He now lives the luxurious life of  an English teacher. He performed in a few productions at university and is keen to keep active, but feeling indifferent now about playing a Scotsman.
Madeleine Damasdi [Rachel, from 6th March...]
Born in Sweden, Madeleine came to Hungary in 1998. She studied at drama academy and is now MC for the Pandiciel Group’s variety shows, appearing in Hungary and Kosice. She appeared at the Dover Club in the Mad, Silly and Catty Show, and is currently playing Morgause in the BEAT Group’s production of King Arthur at the Atrium. Visit her blog:

Bence Schwarcz [Ádam]

born and lives in Budapest. He is currently studying at the ÁVF Főiskola. This is his first time on stage and in English too! He enjoys travel, cycling, driving, airsoft and anything to do with nature.

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